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The trip includes:

If you are ever visiting Spain please do include us on your trip and contact us. We would be delighted to accompany you to visit some of our best suppliers. We only sell quality brands, often exclusively, and our customers want quality and distinction.

We have an excellent selection of craft beer from some of the most interesting and innovative breweries in Spain.In terms of wines, we only sell from small wineries which are family run and produce handcrafted wines which are made with local grape varieties and reflect the terroir where they are nutured.


We sell Spanish beer and wines from small poducers to countries around the world including amongst others the UK, Ireland, Holland,and Australia and our business is growing fast as demand on the international markets increases as both Spanish beers and wines have become so popular. Export sales play a big part in our company and we are always keen to work with new importers.


Being here on the ground in Spain means we come across new and exciting suppliers a long time before they reach export markets. All our suppliers are small and unique makers of some fabulous beverages. We choose our suppliers very carefully and only work with what we consider the best brands in the market for quality, price and product design.


Patrick has over twenty-five years experience working in the food and drink sector and has lived in Spain for nearly the same time so his experience brings knowledge and insight both at product level and at market level as he worked as Export Manager for many of those years selling product mainly in Europe but also into N. and S.America.


Our relationships with our suppliers are excelllent and very close, as in many cases we visit them on our food and wine tours. Thus we have a perfectly balanced mutual relationship with each other where we all benefit.


Craft Beer- The Spanish Thyme Traveller was one of the first to export "cerveza artesanal" selling into international markets as early as 2012 when the beer scene in Spain was still very much evolving. We work with some of the best breweries in Spain from Valencia,Toledo,Pamplona,Barcelona,Leon and Galicia. We have many styles and brands of beer to offer and have something for all tastes. One of our breweries brews great organic beer. We can also negotiate exclusivity in many cases and develop your own recipe, brand or label with the bigger breweries.


 Wine - We have worked with wineries on our tours for three years and we now sell wines from six wineries who we consider the most unique.They all make excellent wines. They are in different D.O.s (Denominación de Origen) and offer a whole spectrum of product types including unusual grape varieties and even wine made in clay amphoras. All our wine suppliers are small but passionate operators who makes exeptional wines. Our wines are from Alicante,Penedés,Valencia and Granada. One of our star products is a delightful cava from Catalonia, a wine with finesse,taste and class.


If you are interested in hearing more about any of these Spanish products and would like to import craft beer or wine from Spain we can provide you detailed information on these exclusive products. Please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will come back to you with product information,prices,availabilty etc


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