Learn to Cook Paella in Valencia

The Spanish Thyme Traveller has launched a three day mini break in Valencia all about Paella. It is called The Valencia Paella Project. Besides learning to cook the dish you will have the opportunity to visit a fresh


One of the biggest, best,most colourful and loudest Fiestas in Spain

Spring is a time of year that is celebrated with lots of fiestas in Spain. One of the classics is the Fallas in Valencia and in some surrounding towns. The fiesta is reknowned for its fireworks (this is not one for the fainthearted). There are bangers,rockets and firecrackers going off virtually twenty-four hours as the city parties through the  four day celebrations. Lovely regional costumes play a big part as does traditional music,with great food including


The magazine "The Lady" does a piece on our Iberos Tour

This week the oldest weekly magazine in the UK, The Lady, has written a very short piece on our Iberos Tour.The informative piece appears in their travel section.To read it, click on this link: The Lady. The article explains how this trip combines excercise 


Our Holiday Break to Teruel gets a mention

Our Mudejar trip gets a mention in The Cultural Voyager  http://www.theculturalvoyager.com/the-mudejar-tour-from-spanish-thyme-traveller.html  explaining the uniqueness of the region of Teruel and the great food we include as part of the trip.Besides an amazing outdoor Spanish barbecue with meat,


Our Spanish holidays get a mention in The Press

Lately we have appeared in various publications,online and physical, with reference to our historical and cultural holidays and our Borgias Tour has had special attention!


Our Outdoor and Cultural Activities put to the test

Last  May the magazine Healthy for Men visited us to see what our Iberos Tour was like. After two activity packed days walking,eating local food, winetasting and learning  about the Iberos this is what they wrote about our short breaks in Spain (click on this link): The other Summer Games. They had a great time walking, winetasting and trying the local delicacies. As you can see in the article their enjoyed their stay immensely.The best time to


Our Gastronomic Trips are in the Limelight

It is always nice to be mentioned and this week we have made an appearance not only in the magazine Healthy for Men but also on the Spanish Sabores blog and website which is dedicated to Spanish food and culture. It is a site that is  full of recipes, ideas and travel stories. So when Lauren Aloise the creator and brains behind the site asked us to appear we were honoured(click on this link): Food Tours in Valencia:Spanish Thyme Traveller 


Holidays in Valencia

We have had a great mention by Mr.Will Peach on his vibrant and cool blog.Read how he got on, on one of our tours: My Spanish Adventure

Birds of Prey make a Killing in Valencia

If you like birds of prey and nature you should enjoy the lastest article by Paddy Waller. All about what kinds of birds of prey can be found in the Valencia region. Just click on this link to Squidoo to read: http://www.squidoo.com/birds-of-prey-in-valencia

Medieval culture,history and excellent food in Xativa,Valencia

Another year passes and spring here is quickly changing to summer(today 9th May we reached 31ºC).As mentioned before this time of year is full of celebration and many towns in the Valencia / Alicante area are celebrating their fiestas. The Borgias Weekend  is by no means a traditional