Fallas in Valencia
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It's nearly spring here in Valencia and in a couple of weeks one of the biggest, noisiest and most colourful fiestas in Spain kicks off. The Fallas, Valencia's principal fiestas, are reknowned for their fireworks displays especially loud bangers and "borrachos" which are rockets that skid around along the ground. The locals learn from an early age to "enjoy" gunpowder! All amazingly dangerous but curiously fascinating. Each neighbourhood has a huge effigy of a figure or structure based on a theme and these huge effigies are burnt at the end of the week's celebrations amongst the most incredible firework displays which go off throughout the city at more or less the same time. Parades, traditional dress,floral tributes to a huge statue of the Virgin Mary, dancing, eating, drinking, and lots of partying are all part of the festivities.

Not for the fainthearted this fiesta is one of the bigger ones in Spain and can attract up to over a million visitors in four days. Viva la fiesta!