Our Outdoor and Cultural Activities put to the test
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Last  May the magazine Healthy for Men visited us to see what our Iberos Tour was like. After two activity packed days walking,eating local food, winetasting and learning  about the Iberos this is what they wrote about our short breaks in Spain (click on this link): The other Summer Games. They had a great time walking, winetasting and trying the local delicacies. As you can see in the article their enjoyed their stay immensely.The best time to visit this part of Spain is from March to June and Sept to November.All times of the year ar good but these periods normally have mild weather. In the autumn period you can catch the grape harvest and see the local wineries in action and experience the vintage first hand. Wine is an integral part of all our tours.All our activities and holidays in Valencia and Teruel are focused on history, culture  and local food and wine.