Our Holiday Break to Teruel gets a mention
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Our Mudejar trip gets a mention in The Cultural Voyager  http://www.theculturalvoyager.com/the-mudejar-tour-from-spanish-thyme-traveller.html  explaining the uniqueness of the region of Teruel and the great food we include as part of the trip.Besides an amazing outdoor Spanish barbecue with meat, chorizo,sausages,morcilla the trip takes in the amazing tapas and sweet pastries of off the beaten track Teruel. You'll love the food and you'll love this unique mountainous area with its rustic food and beautiful towns and villages such as the medieval pink stoned town of Albarracin. This break is particularly popular in the summer but is fantastic in the late spring.Dont miss lovely trip...visit a part of Spain that is still unspoilt by the crush of tourists.Both stunning and authentic Teruel is one truly unique.