One of the biggest, best,most colourful and loudest Fiestas in Spain
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Spring is a time of year that is celebrated with lots of fiestas in Spain. One of the classics is the Fallas in Valencia and in some surrounding towns. The fiesta is reknowned for its fireworks (this is not one for the fainthearted). There are bangers,rockets and firecrackers going off virtually twenty-four hours as the city parties through the  four day celebrations. Lovely regional costumes play a big part as does traditional music,with great food including Valencia's famous regional dish Paella and buñuelos,a type of donut. The atmosphere is fun and the weather normally sunny and springlike. The fiestas are full of lots of spontaneity with plenty going on during the day and loads of dancing at night. With over one million visitors in  the four days it is truly a people's fiesta in the street. The mascletas should not be missed.They are a huge banger display at 14.00 almost everyday of March in the centre square they are also let off in the "barrios"  which are also earsplitting but so exciting.......dont miss the fun if you are near Valencia.And then the main attraction are the huge effigies built on virtually every street corner which are fun and even artistic. They are burnt at the end of the celebrations in a symbolic paganlike way to burn the old(winter) and introduce the new(spring).Quite a spectacular sight to see the city literally on fire.The dates of the fiesta are 15th to 19th March.The 19th is the feast day of San Jose, who is the patron saint of Valencia. That's why there are so many men called Jose in Valencia!
If you want to know about the fiestas read the following article and see the photos and videos to get a real feel for the atmosphere of the fiestas.
Click on this link for article Fallas in Spring. Another informative page is this one: Fallas from Valencia. If you get the chance this is one of the best fiestas in Spain to get a real flavour of the region and feel part of the fiesta!