Did you know that Valencia is the capital of Paella?
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Did you know that Valencia is a city, a province, and an autonomous region which is sometimes referred to as Pais Valencià? Spanish and Valenciano are official languages. Valenciano  is similar to Catalan. Valencia is famous for being the home of Paella and the locals are very proud  of their local dish and do not take kindly to touristy versions
The region is also one of the world's biggest orange growing areas and has many local and traditional dishes and products.
One of the typical local drinks is horchata which is made from tiger nuts which are normally grown in the area just north of Valencia city.The highest mountain in the Comunidad Valenciana is Peñagolosa which is 1813 metres high. In fact the interior of Valencia is quite mountainous ans really worth exploring as it has a mixture of terrains and offers the traveller many interesting towns, villages and winegrowing regions to visit. The Valencian wine industry has made some excellent wines which in the last few years have slowly crept into the international markets gaining recognition for unique and crafted wines.The interior of Valencia is relatively undiscovered and has several traditional recipes and dishes which are different from teh capital.For example "Gazpachos", which is a mountain game stew which is served on unlevened breab. Delicious and quite an experience when accompanied by local wine and tapas and in the traditional restaurants of the mountain regions. Both on our Ibero Tour and ou Borgias Tour our guests have the chance to try lot sof local food in teh some of the best restuarants of the area. This off the beaten track region is fantastic to discover.Come on one of our trips and you can discover its secrets firsthand!