Local traditions,local food and fun in the street
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As some of you might know we follow the local fiestas closely and attend lots of them. Spring in Spain brings an avalanche of fiestas spoiling us for choice!! The weekend after next in Xativa they will be celebrating the fiesta of of Corpus Christi which includes a peculiar and unique event called the Dance of La Moma- Basically the Moma is a mystical figure that represnts Virtue.The figure dances to medieval music and is tempted by other figures that represent different sins. They dance around La Moma but the white robed and masked figure rejects their temptations.
It is a quaint and quirky festival but alot of fun.There is a great atmosphere on the street,the weather is lovely and there is also a procession of Giants and Bigheads, enormous and colourful figures which are typical in many Spanish fiestas. The Dance of La Moma is typical in the Valencia region but only in some towns. It is particularly good in Xativa as the historical town lends itself to such an old and traditional celebration. The colour,the costumes and the participation of lots of children makes this a great fiesta and a lovely day out.Added to this local pastries are given out free in the streets at certain times during the weekend.So it is an ideal opportunity for tasting local food.
You can read all about this fiesta and see photos on our blog: http://theartichokeadventures.thespanishthymetraveller.com/fiestas-on-your-doorstep-in-spain-the-dance-of-the-moma-in-valencia/