Teruel and its mountains.
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Village-in-TeruelAn often ignored or forgotten part of Spain the mountainous region of Teruel with its high plains and pine forests is one of Spain's natural gems; a mixture of nature and history. From cave paintings to Mudejar (Moorish/Christian style) architecture to medieval towns with Templar knight fortifications. If you are interested in culture, food and nature Teruel is an excellent place to take your Spanish holidays. Sandstone coloured villages dot the mountain landscape. Each one unique. Dramatic and impressive mountains combine with green pastures and forests to make picturesque and stunning scenery. Dry in the summer and very cold in the winter the city of Teruel sits on a high plain famous for its extreme winters. But this extreme weather is what makes Teruel ham so famous. It has an excellent climate for drying hams. Dry and cool. The city of Teruel is a small compact city of 36,000 inhabitants and sits slightly south west of the centre of the province of the same name and is a city with a complex history. The Moors, the Christians, El Cid, The Lovers of Teruel, the 20th century Civil War and much more. It boasts a delightful myriad of architecture and culture throughout the historical centre. Plenty to see and plenty to try for its culinary delights are famous. The aforementioned ham is world famous, the local lamb delicious as are the regional cheeses and cured meats. Teruel and its mountain villages make for a very interesting blend of history, nature and excellent mountain food.